Details of My Mosque Trip, Pt 1

Still not using the crow quill pen in these panels.  But the update Tuesday will indeed contain the first attempts at drawing this comic in a brand new way.  I’ve shown them around and all seem to agree it’s better.  One friend put it a good way.  He said that, when seeing them together, the same panels drawn with a tech pen look almost mechanical, like they were done on a computer.  The lines with the crow quill look much livelier.

Anyway.  So I met with Kyle and Nathan on Friday and we traveled to the one mosque in Spartanburg.  Immediately on entering a dude shook our hands and said “Welcome brothers.”  I need to clarify that I, up until a few weeks ago, was completely ignorant in the ways and history of Islam.  Like, I didn’t even realize it was so related to Judaism and Christianity.  So I was a bit nervous.  Fear of the unknown, I guess.  You just can’t always shake it.  We sat in the back corner out of peoples’ way as they came in.  They needed a bit of room to do their prayers which consisted of ritualistic standing and kneeling and lying down on the floor, still on their knees.  As people kept coming in this dude at the front, pointing toward an altar thing, started singing or chanting all cool-like.  You know, where it’s one long note and then a quick little vibrato and switching to a different note;  in Arabic I guess.

Anyways some guy eventually came in and preached.  At first I thought he was nervous or was forgetting what to say, then I realized he had a speech impediment.  Other than that it was fairly interesting.  He didn’t go into much detail about any history.  It was more about “living your life” and some specific stuff like “why do we pray five times a day?”  After the lesson and people started to disperse, that’s when it got much more interesting.


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