Details of My Mosque Trip, Pt 2

And there’s the first (non-embarrassing) attempts at working with the Hunt 107 or 108 (I can’t remember which). I’ve already done several more pages with it and I do think I’m improving with every page.  So you should gradually see more line control as the panels are posted.  Even with the obvious timidity present in these lines I’m already much happier with them.  I’m more sure now about my plan to go back and revise everything I’ve done up to this point (including the ones posted the past week) because it should make a huge difference.

And in case you noticed I hadn’t quite updated the archives of this comic on the website, I have now.  It’s all there for your viewing pleasure:   Gold and Blue and Gray

Anyways.  Back to the mosque trip.  Uh yeah so everyone was shuffling out when the speaker finished.  And if anyone was curious as to the racial diversity present, there were middle-eastern (I’m hesitant to specify a country because I really don’t know which ones peeps were from) white, black…yeah.  Those mainly.  A few people came over to shake our hands and say hello since we were new.  Nathan had told me he had talked with a couple people specifically for a while so I was surprised when the room emptied and nobody was staying to chat.  I glanced over and said something about them probably being busy.

Then the guy he had mentioned from the last time he was there came back in and immediately sat down with us and started talking.  Some pleasantries and whatnot but he just got right into it saying stuff like “Please, ask me anything.  Don’t worry about offending.”  So, taking his cue, Nathan, Kyle, and I sent a barrage of questions his way asking everything from detailed questions of how to go about praying when you haven’t memorized stuff yet (Nathan’s), when and how the quran was written and relating it to the bible (Kyle’s) and talking about my loss of faith in Christianity and explaining that I was mostly interested in the history and culture represented by Islam (mine). By the time 30 minutes had passed there were three more people sitting and talking.  The speaker, some younger guy who didn’t speak English quite as well, and some older guy who didn’t say two words.

I haven’t mentioned that the entire time we were there no women were in sight.  Nathan explained that the large glassed off section behind us (with frosted Islamic symbols on it) was where the women, covered in robes and hoods, of course, listened and prayed.  Now, my initial reaction is one of anger, of course, keeping women in the back and out of sight and silent.  Then again, Nathan had told me earlier about one of the women getting…not baptized, but something like that…and describing her as having a “really nice ass” that he was admiring through the robe.  So…he kind of perpetuates the reason for all that, doesn’t he?  Then again again, it kind of points out that no matter how much you try to cover up and ignore human sexuality, you never will.

I guess I’ll do a Part Three of this and talk about how incredibly nice they are and why that makes me kind of feel bad since I’m being a bit manipulative and sneaky about trying to get an interview from them.


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