Details of my Mosque Trip Pt 3

And there’s the second part of the first page on which I’ve used a crow quill pen.  I think there’s already a bit of improvement.  To be perfectly honest I did this page (1 page is 12 panels, or 4 rows, by the way) three times.  I just photoshoppingly ripped the best panels from all three pages and put them together.  But I swear I’ve done three pages since this one and I haven’t had to resort to that again.  Only a bit more to go before the end of Chapter 1.  I’m excited about it.  It’s going to switch between these three points of view already established (Dani, Kyle, and Murphy) and get faster and more intense until it all culminates with…well, you’ll see…

FUN FACT: That panel where Kyle’s going “Ugh” was done with a Hunt 102 pen nib, which gives a much larger line width variance.  It works incredibly well for drawing larger pictures (and works well for close-ups like this) but is really hard to work with drawing very small.  So Hunt 107 or 108 for smaller drawings, Hunt 102 for larger.

All in all Nathan, Kyle, and I hung around and talked there for about 1 and 1/2 hours.  I kept wanting to ask them about being in the documentary so bad because they kept asking “any more questions?  Any more?!”  But the problem was that that was my first time there, and Nathan’s second.  If, after two trips, we started telling them about this documentary idea we had of which they would be an integral part, well I’m pretty sure they’d imagine that that was the only real reason we were there.  First off, that wouldn’t be fair to Nathan because he is actually interested in the Muslim faith.  Secondly, they would be absolutely right in Kyle’s and my case so I don’t really have a second point.

But that interview really would be an integral part.  So I’m making all these plans like “Okay Nathan, you go the next few Fridays and then I’ll come again when we’re ready to ask.”  See my plan is to kind of act like we just had the idea.  And also to leave out certain details such as following Nathan’s journey of finding a new religion (they might find that filming it would trivialize it and them) and the fact that Kyle and I are atheists who will be attempting to summon demons on film.  So when I’m honest with myself I realize that I am being quite manipulative and dishonest to people who are very, very nice to me.

But Goddamn it I think this could be a neat little project so I’ll continue doing so and try to spare feelings and not trivialize old and widely-accepted faiths though I will probably be doing the opposite of those things.


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