Lexx’s Toilet Tongue

I’ve had that last scene in the final three panels there in my head for a long time.  Good to finally get it out.  The idea was ripped straight from “Lexx,” by the way.

The cover to “Tonoharu Pt II” was shown by Lars Martinson at his website Larsmartinson.com.  It looks neat:

Pet peeve #23: books with shitty covers.  See, the one just above is great.  Well designed, eye-catching, very muted and serene.  Goes perfectly with the tone of the story.  But how terrible is it when there’s a perfectly good book on the shelf with a half-assed cover?  I just think of the person who spent probably multiple years writing this book/drawing this comic and then they give it a bland or crappy, bunch of images and lines and bad color combination cover into which obviously no thought was put.  I’ve got the design for the back cover for “Gold and Blue and Gray” drawn already, I’ve got the front cover design thought out, and the covers of several comics I plan on making eventually.

It is unfortunate that a bad cover can cause a person to overlook a possibly great book and some shitty books have fantastic covers.  But I just can’t imagine someone, after all the work it took to make the book, not giving a shit about how said book is presented to the world.  I didn’t have time to do the next “Gold and Blue and Gay” entry so instead I just ranted on book covers.



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