Tattooing Allah and “Wi-Fi?” Part 7

I had stopped lying to myself and finally admitted, after a week with the manly clown, that I was truly in love.  Whether he felt the same or not I never knew.  I still don’t to this day.  What I do know and soon found out back then was that our love was not meant to be.  Because at the end of that seventh blissful day (the majority of which we spent clubbing at the local gay club/clown disco) he fell apart.  At first I thought he was falling apart emotionally because he fell to the ground face first making what seemed to be sobbing noises.  Then his head rolled away and his arms toppled off to the sides and so on.  You could color me confused at this point.  That’s when the main clown who had talked to me at the football field some time ago (when I was initially kidnapped by the clowns, you see) stepped out of the darkness.

“Well well,” he chuckled, “It seems you two have been up to some shenanigans, eh?”

“What have you done to him?!” I yelled in a rage that could only come about through love.

“He’s a sperm jacker,” he said casually.

“A sperm jack…you mean to tell me that this sexy clown is actually a carefully constructed robot/cyborg made specifically for the purpose of seducing me so as to collect my semen in the hopes of soon freezing it to be used later at someone’s discretion, that person usually being the one who built or at least ordered someone to build said sperm jacker?” I said.

“A bit oversimplified, but yes, that’s basically it…” He sneered.

-Excerpt, Gold and Blue and Gay: Chapter 23

The tattoo parlor thing went off without a hitch.  We became in trouble when Kyle was caught filming the tattoo examples on display all over the waiting room (probably thinking we’re there to steal ideas or something) but after that it was all good.  Basically Nathan got Allah in Arabic tattooed on his arm.  Kyle asked him if it was a good idea since if he eventually decided not to be Muslim he might not want it on his arm.  Nathan explained that Allah is just another name for the same God so it wouldn’t make a difference.  I guess it might if he eventually became an atheist.  Not that I’m trying to convince him to be or anything.


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