my fucking power went out with no way for me to scan a comic page.  So I went to somebody willing to let me use their facilities and their printer/scanner is out of ink.  Which shouldn’t in any way prevent me from scanning a picture since that takes no ink.  But HP makes some fucking horrible pieces of shit and it won’t let me scan until it’s ink lust is fulfilled.  So no fucking updates today either because of this set of circumstances.  So that means that over the weekend there will in fact be an update with no less than 18 panels. Needless to say I will be quite behind on actually producing these pages so I need to hurry the fuck up and get some shit drawn or I will be fucked up shit creek without a shit fuck paddle fuck.  By the way that lastblog was Alejandro Jodorowski’s “The Holy Mountain.”  It’s a great movie with the commentary on.  Without it you’re kind of lost.

Anyways.  Slow-going with the documentary.  Need lots of research before any interviews can be made, so reading and outlining is all that’s really happening at the moment.  But I will keep you updated on that.  I’m almost through “Triumph of the Moon” by Ronald Hutton.  It’s a fantastic history of modern pagan witchcraft which gently yet firmly dispels nearly all the rumors and non-truths about pagan matters and witchcraft.  For example, did you know that in all likelihood there was absolutely no actual practiced witchcraft whatsoever until Gerald Gardner invented Wicca in the 1940’s and 50’s?  All the witch shit you hear about and read in books and even textbooks was all in people’s heads.  Mind fuck.  Check for that huge-ass update over the weekend.



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