Sorry For the Loooong Delay but to Make Up For It Here’s 24 Panels of Comics and “Wi-Fi? Part 8

(The woman’s hand in the very last panel sucks and will be dealt with in the final edits.)

Fast forward twenty years and I’m standing on the same football field where it all started.  I’m a different person then I was back then.  The clowns have all died out, their species decaying along with many companies after the internet boom of the…when was that?  Late 90’s?  2000 something?  Anyway, after the initial shock of finding out the only man I ever loved had been a sperm jacking cyborg made me stop believing in love altogether.  My friends all told me I was crazy and that love did exist.  They all got together and hatched a plan to make me believe again.  I got a call from somebody claiming to be my agent telling me that I had a role in an upcoming chick flick opposite Johnny Depp.

Not only that, but he’d be playing a robotic clown.  This crazy turn in events had me reeling, but it was nothing compared to what happened when I stepped onto the movie set…

-Excerpt, Gold and Blue and Gay: Chapter 23

Only several days late.  But it’s pretty awesome getting that many comics in one post, eh?  Hey, in the next 12 panels we’re finally going to relate back to the title page of Chapter 1:

So some sense will be made.  Cheers.


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