A New Breakthrough

Gold and Blue and Gray

I’m sure this is a stupid comment but clicking on these images gives you a less shitty-looking version^

I’d like to give a shout out to the one guy or girl who consistently checks this blog every day, even when I have posted nothing and missed deadlines.  And also to apologize for those missed deadlines and to happily announce that the breakthrough mentioned in the title is that I now have an actual, bona fide hole in my house through which the gamma rays commonly given off by the internet reach my computer box.  Therefore, updates will occur most likely every day.

Now before you get really excited, that doesn’t mean comic updates every single day.  Alas, I’m actually quite behind at the moment (I don’t even have the update for both the weekend and yesterday finished) but this is a great step toward getting me on track.  So on to the scheduling.  I will continue to have comic updates on Tuesdays, Fridays, and the weekend, that may or may not contain additional blog messages.  But blog messages will in fact be posted probably most every day.  And if I’m feeling extra saucy (and have actually gotten a little ahead in comic production) I’ll throw in an extra “Gold and Blue and Gray” update.

Having said all that, I once again need to point out that I don’t have a comic update as of yet, but am about to get off this computer and go finish it.  And the second I do I will post the entire page.  And, I swear to the as far as I can tell non-existent god, that I will put something on the “ABOUT” page of Gold and Blue and Gray.

BTW, did you get the reference in the panels above?  To earlier in the comic?  You know, the Chapter 1 title page?  Eh?



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