Wi-Fi? Part 10

Suddenly, looking at Johnny Depp’s contorted face covered in blood simulating clown makeup (and stimulating me, to be quite honest) I understood.  I understood how I had gotten to this point.  How being alone on a football field and converged on by a pack of wild clowns only to be left tied up on a chair conversing with a creepy voice from a hole under me and then being silenced (presumably killed).  Ending up in bed with a gorgeous, hunky clown.  Having sex with him and falling in love with him.  Finding out the shocking secret that the clown I loved was nothing more than a droid built to jack sperm.  Ending up back on the same football field where it all started and learning from my friends that I was set to star in a chick flick opposite that very movie star who was currently (while I was thinking all these thoughts and going through what had led up to this point) laughing at me covered in blood (did I mention his cock was out?)  And of course finally getting to the movie set and getting injured with coffee in my face only to come back the next week and have the giant astroturf cube blown to bits by the movie star with whom I was supposed to be filming.

Yes.  I knew it all now.  I understood even why this story was named “Wi-Fi?”  But then, just as suddenly as the realization came to me, I was thwacked on the back of the head by yet another Johnny Depp covered in blood with his cock out (I don’t think he thwacked me with his cock but I can’t really be sure).  When that happened all the knowledge about the events leading up to that point was wiped clean.  After the two Depps had had their laugh and calmed down, the director said “All right, all right, everyone ready?  Okay, ready, set, ACTION!”

-Excerpt, “Gold and Blue and Gray”: Chapter 23

I’m house-sitting so new awesome comic updates Tuesday.  Also I’ve finished most of the pagan witchcraft research and am putting the info together and will proceed to illustrate it.  So look forward to tricklings forth from that project.



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