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Front Cover, Back Cover

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My first post is up on!  In order to keep readers here but tempt them to go there as well, I’m going to post part of my post from over there, but I’ll be saying things here that aren’t there.  Yeah.  So if you want it all, you’ve gotta go to both places.  Yeah.

When I imagine the finished book, this is what I see as the front cover.  What does it mean?  Who’s that guy and what’s that mask?  Why’s it look like you’re looking at a chalkboard without your 3D glasses on?  Quit asking so many goddamn questions and just enjoy.

Um I totally forgot but the actual full title of this book is Gold and Blue and Gray or: Mr. Pickwick’s Lonely Pigs and Roses. You know kind of like Dr. Strangelove.  That’s the back cover.  If I was glancing at a bookshelf and saw a book with this cover and back cover, not to toot my own horn, I would be quite intrigued.

I’ve got part of the description/summary of the comic up on  The one that would be sent in to publishers.  I’ll post it here Wednesday along with the first two pages of the prologue redone.  If you want to read it now (and for god’s sake if you do go over there and read leave a comment.  Leave 5 comments!  I’m getting desperate for feedback.  I even considered…posting on a comic forum *shudder*) head over to and take a look.  Read other stuff on there too.  As a bonus you can read some of my comments and respond to them!  What!

I do want to mention one thing about the comic description.  I coined the term (though if you check it on Google you get everything from photographers to foreplay lotions) Irotica. Which is ironic erotica.  You see, whenever I tell people this comic has erotic elements I just know it brings up the wrong idea.  Nothing in GBG is technically designed to “get you off,” it’s more for…ironic purposes.  You know, like a sex scene between two men and a woman morphs into gay sex on the lawn of one of the men’s 11th birthday party and a clown shoves a dildo down his throat.  That’s hardly traditional erotica.


It’s All Happening Monday

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I feel bad about this since it’ll be the first time I have stuff to post and intentionally don’t. I want to begin posting things simultaneously on and here.  So if I post now I’ll be one day ahead.  So instead, I’m waiting.  Yeah.  I know.  Sucks.  BUT!

I plan on posting the new “cover” of Gold and Blue and Gray (what I fantasize will be the cover when I either get published or publish myself/ latter more likely) along with the prologue cover (Dani and Kyle in the mouth of the guy) and the first page redone in crow quill.  THEN Wednesday the new cover of the new zine which will just actually be a digital “zine” until the move to Savannah.  And possibly a comic to go with it depending on how long the rest of this takes.  And I plan on keeping that pace up of redoing older pages and posting brand new comics for the zine.

And of course beginning Chapter 2 at the same time.  Progress on that will go a tad slower but the second we’re up to speed with the older pages it’ll take off again.  And yes don’t laugh I do hope to publish stuff eventually.  Jerks.

Wi-Fi? Part 11

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Before Johnny Depp thumped me with his dick I thought I knew God existed.  But now I was confused.  “What if there’s no heaven?”  The thought was easy if I tried.  I imagined all the people living for today.  Then I threw up shit.


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Gold and Blue and Gray

The McDonalds stared each other down.  One big and white, one a tad smaller and blackened.  Their loins gloriously displayed, the white McDonald bellowed “My penis is MIGHTIER, MIGHTIER than thou’s!”  To this the black McDonald did not respond immediately, for he knew it to be true.  He glanced down at his opponents groin and a smirk slowly drew on the corner of his mouth.  “Oh.  I see thou hast a fissure in thy marble.  From the deepness of the wound I would say thou hast but three eves at the most before your eunuch’s fate is nearly sealed thou fool!

At this the white McDonald peered down at his johnson and indeed spied a fissure of which he had known nothing.  Glaring at the black McDonald who now beamed back at him in triumph, the white McDonald spoke “Very well, devil, if my last days of manhood are truly drawing near then thou wouldst be wise to not mock so haughtily.  For a man soon to be lacking his twig and berries is likened to the cornered lion, lashing out with tremendous fervor and strength the likeness of which his victims have rarely beheld before! With this the McDonalds began their assault on each others’ privates and, as their mighty testicles crashed together, a deafening hum rang out through the heavens, a white hot blast erupted, encompassing all within sight, and as the smoke cleared the universe was born!

the True Destiny of Humanity, by Mr. Pickwick

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So I guess back to the normal schedule for this week.  Nah really just that I’ll have the title page up Tuesday.  Had to restart several times.

Met up with Christopher George from about being involved with the site.  To sum up,, which is a site for progressive voices in Spartanburg, South Carolina, is shutting down.  Chris was a large contributor and ran the site at times and has opted to start his own site for pretty much the same purpose.  Starting next Monday I’ll be posting comics regularly on the site.  Since I’m going back and redoing much of Chapter 1 of Gold and Blue and Gray this seems the perfect opportunity.  It’ll give me solid deadlines and more reason to go ahead and begin redoing it all.

One large concern I have is of course the very strange controversial nature of this comic to viewers of the site.  Not concern with reactions necessarily, but it is kind of important that at least some people find this stuff interesting.  But I digress.  My p0int is that I’m also taking this deadline opportunity to begin work on the zine I planned on doing in Savannah (I’m moving to Savannah eventually, did I mention that?).  There will be more opportunity to like this one since it will have many different comics and stories.  With Gold and Blue and Gray it’s kind of like “Well, I don’t like this” so you never read it any more.  You know, since it’s the same story ongoing.  But with a zine with many stories than there will be more reason to check it weekly,even if there was something in there you didn’t like!  Eh?

Of course I’ll post these things on this site as well.  And you know what that means! A NEW CIRCLE OF HELL WILL BE ADDED!  YAY! (Click here if you don’t know what I’m talking about.)

“Gold and Blue and Gray” Summed Up So Far

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Okay here goes.

PROLOGUE: Kyle’s watching TV and hear’s whimpering at the door;  Molly the dog (whom Kyle seems to recognize) attacks and rips his face off which results in him becoming dog-like;  moving twenty minutes into the past we see Dani having an argument with someone on the comp who then busts through the door and turns out to be a tentacle monster-lady;  just after this moment at a public pool some ways away a beam of light shines through the window into the water from which Molly bursts out like the Lady of the Lake, and takes off down the road towards Kyle’s house (which results in what happened on the first page);

getting back to the present, Dani’s being spanked by the monster-lady on the roof and Kyle and Molly show up to rescue her;  a fight ensues and Molly is anally probed, turning her into an evil puppet-dog;  Kyle summons some unknown strength and turns his dick into a snake which promptly forces its way down the evil lady’s throat;  Kyle is swung by his snake-dick mouth-first into a roof shard as his snake dick rips the lady’s skeleton out;  sometime later Molly (apparently still feeling twinges of evil) rips Dani’s head off as the lady’s skeleton goes down on her;  Kyle is now wandering around the highway (still dog-like) and gets run over.

CHAPTER 1: We switch perspective to a man named Glory Trends who travels through an unnamed city to his apartment;  through prompts directed at the reader we learn he actually lives in Hell (also called “Mr. Pickwick’s AppleCore);  arriving home he wastes no time having consensual sex with some unnamed dude and woman;  the dude begins hallucinating that he is back at his 10th or 11th or somethingth birthday party while still getting fucked;  a clown shows up who shoves a dildo down his throat;  he murders the clown with a hammer in retaliation, only to snap out of the hallucination and realize the “clown” was in fact the woman in the room with Glory and him;  Glory seems unaffected by this by saying he’ll soon be late for work at the hospital (his doctor’s head-reflecting thingy implying he’s a doctor);

We switch perspective yet again to an apparent music video of the Spanish Inquisition singing a gangsta rap;  they begin torturing people as they’ve been known to do to procure “confessions” and whatnot though their reasoning here is not explained;  we switch back and forth between this “music video” and the Taxi that’s taking Glory, the guy who killed the girl, and the girl’s corpse to the hospital;  back with the Spanish Inquisition we see a large symbol in the wall (apparently their insignia, though it contains hypodermic needles) with the words “waiting room” above it; as Glory and the gang get to the hospital the guy with the hammer is dragged away by more Inquisition people to be killed or whatever;  the girl has apparently come back to life (which seems strange but we are in Hell right?) and we quickly realize that she is Glory’s daughter (incest what) and as the hospital door slams behind Glory the same symbol from the music video is displayed (along with all the Inquisition people this means the Spanish Inquisition apparently runs this hospital);

Cut to Dani who has (kind of) woken up in a hospital bed;  a doctor and nurse begin discussing her case which moves us back to the original “scene of the crime” (being where the fight broke out and Dani, the lady, and Molly were killed); here we meet Murphy for the first time;  he asks questions and seems to know more than he should (like when he says Kyle must have “found a way in”); then we see Kyle wake up on a toilet in some bathroom somewhere;  the perspective now begins switching between these three people at a faster and faster rate;  the doctor and nurse have an increasingly hostile discussion mentioning “conditioning” for Dani which culminates with the nurse sucking the doctor’s head up into her bajingo;  Kyle slowly remembers what happened and feels increasingly threatened in this surreal toilet as a giant tongue wriggles out and cleans his ass and he looks out the window;  and Murphy tells detective Johnson to follow him and they head to a “youth asylum” where he pays the attending to bring him to a room with a girl they can use (and probably one nobody will care much about);

we stay with Murphy for the remainder as he begins some type of ritual (taking off the girl’s clothes, hooking her up to a machine, and tying her up) and after Johnson dissents Murphy cuts his twig and berries off to use as the “key” to the portal (he also mentions some type of beast); coming back to all three perspectives, Dani is approached by the doctor and nurse menacingly;  Kyle gets to the bathroom door and opens it;  and Murphy uses the key to open the portal;  we end on three full-pages depicting Dani beginning to receive the conditioning by the doctor, nurse, and Inquisition guy;  Kyle makes it out of the bathroom onto a hillside road overlooking the city of Dis, and spots an ethereal vision of Dani;  and Murphy’s portal opens wide to a giant monster head which begins to swallow him whole, thus completing the incantation and sending him on his way to “The AppleCore” or Hell as it is also known.

That was more for me than you.  Just wanted to write it all down to make sure this is panning out like I want.  And if I’ve been doing a bad job of making the comic at least slightly coherent then this should help probably.  And yeah I’m late on the last page this week but look at it this way:  Sunday will make seven days since Monday when I started, so if I get it up by tomorrow than I’ll still have made five in a week.  I’m pretty happy with my performance and I don’t want to skimp on a chapter title page, so we’ll see how it goes.  Definitely up by Monday, though.  And I plan on continuing this pace (not quite as feverishly but in general) which is why I did it in the first place.  Wanted to prove to myself I could and knew it would probably help my fight against procrastination.

Uhh once I get the Chapter 2 title page down I’ll need some time to work out the finer details of the chapter so I’ll begin redoing the prologue and half of Chapter one until I’m ready for Two.  I’m EXCITED!  And I’ll have some details on me posting these and OTHER COMICS on another sight called  But more on that tomorrow.  And possibly a Chapter page tomorrow.  So keep coming back.


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Gold and Blue and Gray

There it is.  The last page of “Chapter 1: The Incantation of Mayonezu Kuchibiru.” So boom.  I totally misspelled “Leviathan” but I don’t feel like fixing it right now. And I do need to go back and redo everything up until like 10 or 15 pages ago in crow quill pen.  So that will take a while.  I guess Chapter 1 isn’t really done in that sense, but it’s all down.  Onto Chapter 2.

I should get the title page for 2 posted tomorrow.  As well as an entire explanation of what happened in the prologue and Chapter 1 in one long run-on sentence.  So look forward to that.