Back on Track

Gold and Blue and Gray

Just four pages left in Chapter one.  It’s reaching the FINALE!  Shit’s getting real.  Soon it will all make sense a little.

I gave some feedback to an author on Etsy about their new shop.  If you’re a lady looking for some, as they called it, “Vanilla Erotica,” (which is referring to the very soft core nature, not in any way related to race which I just noticed it could be interpreted that way) set in historical settings, then head over there.

I’ve figured out what seems to me like a less threatening way to approach the mosque about interviews for the documentary.  It seems to me if we begin by asking if they’d like to take a Muslim expert sort of role and review information we’ve acquired about the history of and workings of their religion, they’d be much more keen to do it.  The way I see it is that asking immediately for an interview might make some people feel the filmmaker wants a “GOTCHA!” moment, you know, to outsmart them.  And asking for information and feedback just seems like we want their help and care about what they have to say.  Which we do!  Don’t get me wrong.  I would in fact love for some expert opinions.  It’s mainly the interviews on camera I want, though, and this seems a much more likely route to get them.

So I am being a manipulative prick.  But I’m trying to be a tactful one where nobody’s feelings are hurt, at least not until we’ve all signed the forms and the cameras are rolling.  Then it’d probably be more interesting if somebody’s feelings were hurt.


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