It’s My Birthday!

Now, some of you may have noticed that I’ve been taking a more practical approach to this blog recently.  Yes, it’s true that in the past I’ve been telling some pretty surreal, seemingly non sequitur stories.  But that’s over now.  I’ve grown past it.

Anyway, having been born 1180 AD, fighting during the Crusades, being bewitched by a hateful male witch after snubbing him when I was supposed to have organized his 24th birthday party, and he subsequently cursing me causing me to have lived up until the present, you’d think my birthday would be a tad bit bitter.  Oh, sure, I’ve gotten a present from my mom and Female is cooking me dinner, but I don’t know.  I think what I really, really want is just to…to bury the hatchet with Isabald Monteclaire.  We haven’t spoken since, well, you kn0w (I think most of it is in that “Monteclaire Jacking in” category in the menu on the right). Yeah, that would make this a really good birthday.

That and these two comics that I ordered:

from my local comic book shop, located in the dark depths of Mount Killingjar.  You should read them too.


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