A Heartfelt Message to Monteclaire and All Other Once-Loved-and-Now-Lost

Gold and Blue and Gray (NOTE: You’re probably not with him so far)

This goes out to all my homeboys that I used to be tight with but have recently become unwound.


So you say we’re through.

Do you?

I say not only are we not through, but we’re just beginning

Through the nautical seas of friendship with occasional hints of romance

No?  No romance?  Okay, just friendship, then

We sailed as one, bound for some Unknown Horizon that we could not see

Then it happened

You left me

You left me to die on that God-forsaken shore with the shells and bones and whatnot

And took all the booty with you


I didn’t mean that, you’re not a bastard

You still live with your dad, in fact

If anything, you’d be a little more respectable if you were a bastard.

At least then you’d probably have lived on your own for a bit, gotten a taste of the real world

What was I talking about?

Isabald Monteclaire, that poem was dedicated to you.  I love you, man.  Wish you were here.  Ah God.  What have I done.



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