Working for the Man

You may have noticed my noticeable absence this week.  Well.  My bad.  But.  I’m gearing up for next week.  Sorry for not telling you.  Next week, the plan is…no, no the plan.  What WILL HAPPEN is I will post an entire page (that is to say 4 lines of 3 panels) every week day.  This is what I will call Hell Week.  A part of my ongoing battle with procrastination.  So, to recap, one page Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  So five full pages which I’ll be doing each day (so you know, that means getting up early each day and working about 6 to 8 hours, depending on the level of detail.  I’ll probably be able to work faster after more practice with the crow quill pen, but I digress).

More news on the mosque front.  I’ll be heading there with Nathan and Kyle Friday to ask the dude and any other person interested if they’ll assist simply by looking over our notes for mistakes and input.  This will be an important first step (I really don’t see how they could say no, wanting their religion properly represented and all.  I guess mainly if they’re all really busy and don’t think us three douchebags are worth the effort.  They struck me as much nicer than that so maybe they’ll humor us.  God I hope they humor us.) So I’ll let you know how that goes.

The only other thing documentary-wise was my feeble attempts at learning to edit video.  It’s not going great.  The main problem at this point is the fact that the camera we use (yes, one camera) records mpeg video.  The better free video editing stuff needs it to be avi.  So I got a program to convert it, but it’s turning out to be even more complicated.  Anyway.

Again sorry for not filling you in sooner on the whole hell week thing.  I do procrastinate though.  I think the lack of a tangible deadline is also a problem.  So yes, I need to get up at like 6 AM or something every day next week and get to work immediately, break for lunch and walking dog, and continue until work.  If, by some crazy happenstance I don’t get the thing posted before work, rest assured it will be posted before I go to sleep.  Whether that means before 12:00 AM or after which will technically be the next day, I can’t say.  But all my efforts will go towards getting them up before work to avoid all that and get enough sleep.

Monteclaire, where are you?


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