Too Many Comics!

Gold and Blue and Gray

(quick note, when you click latest comic on the GBG page it will take you to the page from before.  Those first two panels are at the bottom.  To get to the next  ones, click Next Page.  Those 2 panels were the end of an earlier page.  I’ll make page 10 the latest comic by the end of tomorrow).

Well well well.  Little old procrastinating Gloria managed to get up hella early layout, pencil, and ink an entire comic page and get it formatted and posted online all in one day.  Now I just have to do it 4 more times this week.  Fuuuuu-hey, so how are you liking the comic so far?  I don’t think I’ve ever asked that.  There’s only 3 more pages to Chapter 1.  So theoretically, by the end of Thursday all of Chapter 1 will be up and ready for your hungry eyes to devour.

I’m gonna wrap this up because I have 1 minute until midnight and I want to make it on time.  Check in tomorrow for more comics.


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