Close but No Cigar

Gold and Blue and Gray

Probably the sweetest most romantic page I’ve done.  Hell I think it’s the only page in this comic you could describe as sweet or romantic.  Without a cock in sight.  You get that Dani’s all ethereal and ghostly, right?  Cause she is.  I think this may be the first point at which there’s a hint of the main point of the story, which is the lovers pursuing each other through hell.  That will become clearer of course.

Now, as far as the next page, I am literally starting on it in the next five minutes.  What that means for you is that most likely it will be posted tomorrow.  That will be the last page of Chapter 1.  So the page that will be posting Saturday will in fact be….THE TITLE PAGE FOR CHAPTER 2! I can’t decide whether to tell you what it’s called or just let you see it for yourself…Ah it’ll be more fun to tell you now.  The Chapter 2 title is:


Why is it McDonalds and am I even legally allowed to use that name?  Firstly, you’ll see.  Secondly, I think so as long as I’m not explicitly referring to the well-known restaurant.  I should probably look that up.

P.S. I took inspiration from Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood of Make-believe for the design of Dis.  Like as far as the bridge and the castle.  You know, the trolley and the castle.  Eh?


2 Responses to “Close but No Cigar”

  1. I adore the line, “not a cock in sight.” Ha.

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