Okay, So Like, Here’s the Thing

I’m totally good for the comic page I owe today.  First of all and I’m not using this as an excuse but somebody got back from Germany today and there was a small get-together/celebration thing and that took up a ton of time but I digress.  The real reason there isn’t one up yet is because I spent much time today figuring out what to put on the page, which is an important step.  Not to say I just didn’t have a clue, I mean I knew what I wanted.  Just the finer details were escaping me.  And the last thing this whole hell week thing is supposed to be about is getting the page wrong or not the best it can be to meet the deadline.

Having said that, I did in fact find what I was looking for, just much later than I would have liked.  So.  Tomorrow, being Thursday, what will happen is two full pages posted.  One earlier, one later.  And of course one more Friday.  I think I deserve that much wiggle room when the integrity of the page is at stake right?  No?  Well fuck you.



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