So I guess back to the normal schedule for this week.  Nah really just that I’ll have the title page up Tuesday.  Had to restart several times.

Met up with Christopher George from about being involved with the site.  To sum up,, which is a site for progressive voices in Spartanburg, South Carolina, is shutting down.  Chris was a large contributor and ran the site at times and has opted to start his own site for pretty much the same purpose.  Starting next Monday I’ll be posting comics regularly on the site.  Since I’m going back and redoing much of Chapter 1 of Gold and Blue and Gray this seems the perfect opportunity.  It’ll give me solid deadlines and more reason to go ahead and begin redoing it all.

One large concern I have is of course the very strange controversial nature of this comic to viewers of the site.  Not concern with reactions necessarily, but it is kind of important that at least some people find this stuff interesting.  But I digress.  My p0int is that I’m also taking this deadline opportunity to begin work on the zine I planned on doing in Savannah (I’m moving to Savannah eventually, did I mention that?).  There will be more opportunity to like this one since it will have many different comics and stories.  With Gold and Blue and Gray it’s kind of like “Well, I don’t like this” so you never read it any more.  You know, since it’s the same story ongoing.  But with a zine with many stories than there will be more reason to check it weekly,even if there was something in there you didn’t like!  Eh?

Of course I’ll post these things on this site as well.  And you know what that means! A NEW CIRCLE OF HELL WILL BE ADDED!  YAY! (Click here if you don’t know what I’m talking about.)


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