Gold and Blue and Gray

The McDonalds stared each other down.  One big and white, one a tad smaller and blackened.  Their loins gloriously displayed, the white McDonald bellowed “My penis is MIGHTIER, MIGHTIER than thou’s!”  To this the black McDonald did not respond immediately, for he knew it to be true.  He glanced down at his opponents groin and a smirk slowly drew on the corner of his mouth.  “Oh.  I see thou hast a fissure in thy marble.  From the deepness of the wound I would say thou hast but three eves at the most before your eunuch’s fate is nearly sealed thou fool!

At this the white McDonald peered down at his johnson and indeed spied a fissure of which he had known nothing.  Glaring at the black McDonald who now beamed back at him in triumph, the white McDonald spoke “Very well, devil, if my last days of manhood are truly drawing near then thou wouldst be wise to not mock so haughtily.  For a man soon to be lacking his twig and berries is likened to the cornered lion, lashing out with tremendous fervor and strength the likeness of which his victims have rarely beheld before! With this the McDonalds began their assault on each others’ privates and, as their mighty testicles crashed together, a deafening hum rang out through the heavens, a white hot blast erupted, encompassing all within sight, and as the smoke cleared the universe was born!

the True Destiny of Humanity, by Mr. Pickwick


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