Front Cover, Back Cover

My first post is up on!  In order to keep readers here but tempt them to go there as well, I’m going to post part of my post from over there, but I’ll be saying things here that aren’t there.  Yeah.  So if you want it all, you’ve gotta go to both places.  Yeah.

When I imagine the finished book, this is what I see as the front cover.  What does it mean?  Who’s that guy and what’s that mask?  Why’s it look like you’re looking at a chalkboard without your 3D glasses on?  Quit asking so many goddamn questions and just enjoy.

Um I totally forgot but the actual full title of this book is Gold and Blue and Gray or: Mr. Pickwick’s Lonely Pigs and Roses. You know kind of like Dr. Strangelove.  That’s the back cover.  If I was glancing at a bookshelf and saw a book with this cover and back cover, not to toot my own horn, I would be quite intrigued.

I’ve got part of the description/summary of the comic up on  The one that would be sent in to publishers.  I’ll post it here Wednesday along with the first two pages of the prologue redone.  If you want to read it now (and for god’s sake if you do go over there and read leave a comment.  Leave 5 comments!  I’m getting desperate for feedback.  I even considered…posting on a comic forum *shudder*) head over to and take a look.  Read other stuff on there too.  As a bonus you can read some of my comments and respond to them!  What!

I do want to mention one thing about the comic description.  I coined the term (though if you check it on Google you get everything from photographers to foreplay lotions) Irotica. Which is ironic erotica.  You see, whenever I tell people this comic has erotic elements I just know it brings up the wrong idea.  Nothing in GBG is technically designed to “get you off,” it’s more for…ironic purposes.  You know, like a sex scene between two men and a woman morphs into gay sex on the lawn of one of the men’s 11th birthday party and a clown shoves a dildo down his throat.  That’s hardly traditional erotica.


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