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The Spike Lord

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Yes.  This means there will have to be a new circle of Hell.

Here’s the description for GBG I promised:

Kyle Draper and Dani Bryan are killed before we get to know them. When they wake up they’re separated and surrounded by a surreal landscape painted with odd, humorous, and menacing characters. These characters die and resurrect. One is “born again” in the most literal sense. And at the same time these people casually talk about the mortgage rates being too high in Hell.

A surreal black comedy grounded on a firm foundation of irotica (ironic erotica), set in the fireless depths of Hades. Kyle must traverse the perils of the once great city of Dis to find Dani, the woman he loves, who’s trapped in the next town over: the city of Dat. Join him and Dani as their love quest takes them to the highest highs of sex and aestheticization of violence to the lowest lows of sex and aestheticization of violence. And back again.


Starting Over

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Gold and Blue and Gray

I must say my output is getting better.  Well here’s the first two pages completely redone with a fountain pen.  What do you think?  I’ll leave the originals on the “GBG” page till Friday, in case you want to compare.  The lines are much, much better like this.  Also if you’ll notice I’m changing a few finer details, like establishing in subtle ways that Dani and Kyle are lovers earlier on.  I think it will make the overall flow better.

Check for more details and whatnot.  I’m a little burned out right now with all the constant drawing, so I’ll leave it at that.  New Zine details and a cover Friday.