Seventeen and Sexy as Hell

“Issy,” my friend asked me once, “what’s it like, being famous?”  I told him it was a blessing and a curse.  Sure, they hang on your every word, but after a while all the pampering and free drinks take their toll and you just want to get away somewhere.  Away from all the poprazzi and British royal families with their dogs and their powdered genitals.  That’s why I’m leaving tomorrow and never coming back.  This blog has had it, anyway.  You want to know what happens next?  Well you can’t know.  That’s life.  Gloria’s never coming back.

Hey, I’m back.  Sorry for the long wait, I’ve been updating regularly on  I’m linking to it as well as AppleCoreComics at the bottom of posts now.  If you read posts by me from there (just click on the “comics” link on the menu bar, all my posts are there) you’ll see I’m working on a new comic project that’s taking up all my time.  I may have mentioned it on here before, I really can’t remember.  I’m gonna be updating Gold and Blue and Gray and The Spikelord and his Sunday Morning Warship occasionally, but I’ve got a year to do “Unicorns.”  For updates on that project, check FlyingOskar.


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