Kama Sutra St.

Home.  Kama Sutra St.  I never thought I’d see it again.  The cold air stings my eyeballs and I wince when the ash from my cigarette burns my toes.  I shouldn’t have worn sandals on a snowy night like this.  The graveyard’s just around the corner.  I button my coat and walk into the mist.  When I get out of the mist I’ve transformed into a giant cockroach.  I always knew it would end this way…

Gloria couldn’t feel pain, you know.  He didn’t like to talk about it.  Thought people would think he was a freak.  I used to tease him about it, sure.  Should I feel bad?  I don’t.  He always looked down on me.  Even though I was rich and he was poor.  I never understood why I let it bother me.  But I was bigger than him, and I used that to my advantage.  Though, to tell the truth, we were pretty evenly matched, fighting style-wise.  I used the Dragon stance, he the Wildabeast stance.  We would pose and have a friend take polaroids, then ask the locals who they thought looked fiercer.  I always won.  Those days, they sound bad, but looking back, both of us being greased down by widowed maids who needed the money, those days weren’t so bad.  At least we had eachother.


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