Foastrian, Chronologically Timed

Ordinarily, I’d be having my tube socks waxed this time of year.  Instead, because of this economy, I’m eating egg substitute.  Why is it egg substitute if it’s got egg in it?  That’s something Gloria would have asked.  He was a vegan, near the end.  I never understood it.  But he always insisted it made sense and would try to explain to people (only people who asked) but I doubt he changed any minds.  What a guy.  Oh god, what I have I done?

All of the prologue has been redone.  And it’s up instead of the old stuff.  I’ve changed the “Latest Comic Link” under the “Gold and Blue and Gray option” in the “AppleCore” from the “Main Menu of”  Now, if you were a fan of the originals don’t panic.  Actually, maybe you should panic.  I replaced all of the original files.  I have the original drawings, but they aren’t getting the best of care because frankly I don’t care about them.

I do have buttloads of unsold zines of the originals.  Tell you what.  If you, a couple years from now, are a huge fan and want the originals (which will be worth so much by then) then you can order the completed book early and get neat extras, such as the original zines of the crappier versions of the prologue and part of chapter one.

I’ll be at the BYOA (bring your own art) in Spartanburg, SC, in November.  I don’t have an exact date at the moment, but I’ll be printing up new zines for it and probably doing more silly portraits (of you in your circle of Hell of choice).  Stay tuned to hear more.


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