Who Am i

Some may call me “religiously minded.”  I don’t mind, religiously.  But I do take offense when someone calls me anything but an Atheist.  And what is an Atheist?  Shouldn’t it be the default, when you think about it?

I’m attending the BYOA (Bring Your Own Art) and want to sell zines again.  I’ve gotten the prologue done, and that should be enough, but I really want people to read the entire prologue and Chapter 1 of Gold and Blue and Gray before they decide if they like it or hate it.

Thirty years ago I met a man on the corner of a street called Desire.  He told me something I’ll never forget:

So the event is Dec. 4th, and today is November 7th.

“After 80 years of reptiles, at last we’ve found a way to mate with them.”

I have about 18 pages of Chapter one to redo.  If I do six a week, I should have enough time to get them done and made into zines for the thing.  I probably won’t have time to update this blog and website every day, but they’ll be updated several times a week. 



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