How Things Are Going So Far

OOOoookay.  Sabbatical’s over.  Time to get REAL.

I think I did this panel pretty well.  It’s not finished.  There’s no background, I don’t like the font or the little marks signifying where the words will be.  But the character models, the composition.  I think it all works well.  The idea is to have 3 long panels going down the page in the “interview portion,” like this.  Then, there’s the “historical portion” (when a character talks about religious history) or just some different ways of illustrating what a character’s talking about in an interview.  These portions will be in 3 tall, vertical panels on the page.  That’s the basic idea for the whole layout.

Here’s a description I recently posted on the webzies:

It’s a documentary-style comic about religion in my town. I live in Spartanburg, SC and a friend of mine recently converted to Islam. It turns out we have a mosque, and after going there a couple of times I started looking around and finding some non-Christian places of worship tucked away out of sight. So I started trying to meet people who practice stuff like Buddhism and Wicca while simultaneously somehow living in the Bible Belt.

It’s been interesting. So far I’ve interviewed a Wiccan lesbian couple, a progressive liberal atheist who’s family goes way back to the first settlers around here or something (and they’re all hardcore Church of Christ people), a Muslim dude my age who’s also a doctor and has lived in the U.S. in the South most of his life, etc.

I’m not really trying to have a specific narrative per se, just presenting a side of the South that’s not seen much, I guess. It’s turning out to be more about me (a lot of documentaries turn out to be about the person making them, I think) in that I also grew up in the Church of Christ and only in the past few years became an atheist. I’m planning on having a part about Christianity as well, but it’s pretty much just going to be about myself and my family (my mother, who’s a devout Christian and also hardcore conservative Republican, doesn’t know I’m an atheist. But I do plan on interviewing her about Christianity and telling her. So that will probably be pretty dramatic).

I’m not doing it just for indie publisher fodder, but it does seem like a good idea to maybe get my foot in the door?

Story and Art Copyright  2011 Kyle Draper


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