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Last Friday Didn’t Count

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I was on vacay.  I’ve been editing ‘GoldBlueGray’ because I’ve heard that my atrocious handwriting is unreadable.  The intro’s been edited in the archive, so enjoy being able to read the comic now:

Story and Art copyright 2011 Kyle Draper


Shattered Promises

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Since I’m incapable of keeping up with this blog regularly, I’ll make a deadline I can keep.  Every Friday.  Once a week shouldn’t be too hard.  For your patience, here’s two new from “Gold and Blue and Gray.”  To catch up, here’s the link to the archive if you need it: LINK

After further criticism from my friends at the Penny-Arcade forums, I’ve decided to go back through and switch much of the hand-written dialogue with similar typewriter font that I use in ‘Unicorns.’  The reason is that it’s apparently just too damn hard to read.  I enjoyed the lost feeling the reader might experience, but I do put plenty of effort into the story and would like it recognized, so I’m reluctantly changing it.  These two pages were finished before that decision.

Story and Art Copyright 2010-2011 Kyle Draper