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TEDx Spartanburg

Posted in Unicorns on September 9, 2011 by applecorecomics

I’m actually getting my name out a bit with this show, which provides contact information, including this website.  That’s all great, except I haven’t touched this website or blog in months.  For any looky-loos who are here because you’ve seen my TEDx talk, my email is:

I’m moving to Portland, Oregon in a few months and am in the final stretch of gathering interviews and material to make “Unicorns” a graphic novel reality.  Oh, speaking of which, I suppose I’ll post the cover here:

So, I’ll be way too busy through November to do much with this site.  But, by December my time to renew it or revamp it or whatever will be near.  Anyway, I’ll break character for a second and clarify for anybody who’s confused, my name is Kyle Draper.  My pen name is Gloria Farmer.  Addressing me as either is fine.

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