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Wi-Fi? Part 11

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Before Johnny Depp thumped me with his dick I thought I knew God existed.  But now I was confused.  “What if there’s no heaven?”  The thought was easy if I tried.  I imagined all the people living for today.  Then I threw up shit.


Wi-Fi? Part 10

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Suddenly, looking at Johnny Depp’s contorted face covered in blood simulating clown makeup (and stimulating me, to be quite honest) I understood.  I understood how I had gotten to this point.  How being alone on a football field and converged on by a pack of wild clowns only to be left tied up on a chair conversing with a creepy voice from a hole under me and then being silenced (presumably killed).  Ending up in bed with a gorgeous, hunky clown.  Having sex with him and falling in love with him.  Finding out the shocking secret that the clown I loved was nothing more than a droid built to jack sperm.  Ending up back on the same football field where it all started and learning from my friends that I was set to star in a chick flick opposite that very movie star who was currently (while I was thinking all these thoughts and going through what had led up to this point) laughing at me covered in blood (did I mention his cock was out?)  And of course finally getting to the movie set and getting injured with coffee in my face only to come back the next week and have the giant astroturf cube blown to bits by the movie star with whom I was supposed to be filming.

Yes.  I knew it all now.  I understood even why this story was named “Wi-Fi?”  But then, just as suddenly as the realization came to me, I was thwacked on the back of the head by yet another Johnny Depp covered in blood with his cock out (I don’t think he thwacked me with his cock but I can’t really be sure).  When that happened all the knowledge about the events leading up to that point was wiped clean.  After the two Depps had had their laugh and calmed down, the director said “All right, all right, everyone ready?  Okay, ready, set, ACTION!”

-Excerpt, “Gold and Blue and Gray”: Chapter 23

I’m house-sitting so new awesome comic updates Tuesday.  Also I’ve finished most of the pagan witchcraft research and am putting the info together and will proceed to illustrate it.  So look forward to tricklings forth from that project.

Sorry For the Loooong Delay but to Make Up For It Here’s 24 Panels of Comics and “Wi-Fi? Part 8

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(The woman’s hand in the very last panel sucks and will be dealt with in the final edits.)

Fast forward twenty years and I’m standing on the same football field where it all started.  I’m a different person then I was back then.  The clowns have all died out, their species decaying along with many companies after the internet boom of the…when was that?  Late 90’s?  2000 something?  Anyway, after the initial shock of finding out the only man I ever loved had been a sperm jacking cyborg made me stop believing in love altogether.  My friends all told me I was crazy and that love did exist.  They all got together and hatched a plan to make me believe again.  I got a call from somebody claiming to be my agent telling me that I had a role in an upcoming chick flick opposite Johnny Depp.

Not only that, but he’d be playing a robotic clown.  This crazy turn in events had me reeling, but it was nothing compared to what happened when I stepped onto the movie set…

-Excerpt, Gold and Blue and Gay: Chapter 23

Only several days late.  But it’s pretty awesome getting that many comics in one post, eh?  Hey, in the next 12 panels we’re finally going to relate back to the title page of Chapter 1:

So some sense will be made.  Cheers.

Tattooing Allah and “Wi-Fi?” Part 7

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I had stopped lying to myself and finally admitted, after a week with the manly clown, that I was truly in love.  Whether he felt the same or not I never knew.  I still don’t to this day.  What I do know and soon found out back then was that our love was not meant to be.  Because at the end of that seventh blissful day (the majority of which we spent clubbing at the local gay club/clown disco) he fell apart.  At first I thought he was falling apart emotionally because he fell to the ground face first making what seemed to be sobbing noises.  Then his head rolled away and his arms toppled off to the sides and so on.  You could color me confused at this point.  That’s when the main clown who had talked to me at the football field some time ago (when I was initially kidnapped by the clowns, you see) stepped out of the darkness.

“Well well,” he chuckled, “It seems you two have been up to some shenanigans, eh?”

“What have you done to him?!” I yelled in a rage that could only come about through love.

“He’s a sperm jacker,” he said casually.

“A sperm jack…you mean to tell me that this sexy clown is actually a carefully constructed robot/cyborg made specifically for the purpose of seducing me so as to collect my semen in the hopes of soon freezing it to be used later at someone’s discretion, that person usually being the one who built or at least ordered someone to build said sperm jacker?” I said.

“A bit oversimplified, but yes, that’s basically it…” He sneered.

-Excerpt, Gold and Blue and Gay: Chapter 23

The tattoo parlor thing went off without a hitch.  We became in trouble when Kyle was caught filming the tattoo examples on display all over the waiting room (probably thinking we’re there to steal ideas or something) but after that it was all good.  Basically Nathan got Allah in Arabic tattooed on his arm.  Kyle asked him if it was a good idea since if he eventually decided not to be Muslim he might not want it on his arm.  Nathan explained that Allah is just another name for the same God so it wouldn’t make a difference.  I guess it might if he eventually became an atheist.  Not that I’m trying to convince him to be or anything.

Wi-Fi? Part Six

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(I was poised to post a deluge of comic panels in this space here, then realized I don’t have them with me.  So by Monday I’ll post those panels and then the new update Tuesday as well.  Getting closer to the pages I’ve done with the Crow Quill Pen!)

There wasn’t much spoken between us in the bed.  We didn’t really have time to talk.  The passion overtook us in an instant and we were like one spirit joined in a beautiful tangle of legs, arms, and clown noses.  I tried to be the sexual leader and him the follower, but something about those piercing eyes with the little clown make-up tears beneath them had me weak in the knees and I submitted to his dominant will.  It was a perfect session of lovemaking.  Just the right amount of rough and sweet.  A butt-slap and nipple-twist here followed closely by a soft caress or kiss there.  The passion and energy kept increasing, bit by bit.  I could barely contain myself as we both neared the inevitable climax in a deluge of cum and ecstasy.  His moans got faster, my breaths got quicker.  As I reached the point of absolute bliss I looked up just in time to catch his O-face.

Excerpt, Gold and Blue and Gay: Chapter 23

Wi-Fi? Part Five

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I apologize for missing the Friday update.  The “WI-FI?” series will continue this week starting Tuesday and ending Friday.  I’ve been practicing with the Hunt 102 crow quill pen nib.  I’m getting much better controlling the lines and working with curves and circles (you have to pull the pen toward you and it’s quite difficult if you’re not used to it.)

But I came to the conclusion to use a different Hunt pen nib.  See, I draw this comic pretty small.  I just fold an 8.5 X11 piece of paper in half.  The problem was that the 102 didn’t make lines thin enough.  So I ordered and tried out the hunt 10..8 I think.  It makes a smaller line and is firmer.  So the line variance isn’t as great but the control is greater when I’m drawing at this size.  I’ll double-update the comic Tuesday to make up for the missing post Friday.

Wi-Fi? Part Four

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Suddenly the small voice was silenced.  I called out to him several times receiving my own echoing voice in return.  I began to call out once more but stopped when I heard grunting below me.  Then a massive THUMP.  Then what sounded like a sopping-wet bag dragging across a cold-stone floor.  The footsteps and dragging continued below the floor.  Then up what sounded like steps.  Then stopped behind me.  I turned my head just as something whacked it with a heavy object.  I was out again.

I woke up in a bed.  It was in a fairly decent room.  Actually, it kind of looked like a little girl’s room.  The top of a head was slowly lifting from behind the end of the bed at my feet.  It was a head full of brown hair.  Then I noticed the skin on this person’s face was a sickly, pale green.  Deep cuts smeared with dried blood were all over the forehead.  Then the eyes peered over the comforter at me.  Disgusting brown/yellow eyes with milky pupils.

Her face rose completely into view and I could see a terrifying little girl’s face smiling at me with rotting yellow teeth and thin skin stretched ragged over her skull.  Her whole body lifted into the air and she started moaning with a deep, guttural voice.  Then her head flung forward and she let out a loud CHOOO!  and watery, puke-green liquid splashed all over me.  As she plopped back down to the floor sniffling I wiped the goo from my eyes and said  “Gesundheit.”

Excerpt, “Gold and Blue and Gay”: Chapter 23