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The Librarian

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Gold and Blue and Gray

One more whole page.  I feel really bad about last week’s silence.  But I stand by my new schedule.  Once again, if I remember, it’s Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.  So I…..kkkrrrrrsssshhhhhhhhhhh(static and feedback) wwhhiiirrrreeeee….

……eeeeekkrrrsshh….this is Isabald Monteclaire with the latest report on Gloria and his secret involvement with the establishment of the Christian church.  Two weeks ago I pointed out the vision a prophet of God had with Gloria erecting a sort of monument to grasshopper sex.

Well I traveled to the Luxurious Side’s Library (information on the Luxurious Side can be found in earlier blog posts.  Eventually I think Gloria is going to organize categories, but until then, happy hunting) to learn more about this startling discovery and met a suspicious-looking librarian.  Not only did she have somewhat similar features to Gloria, but I swear to God that it looked as if somebody had simply crudely photoshopped Gloria into a crappy-looking woman.

When I asked where the information on visions from Biblical times could be found, he/she gave me a suspicious look and told me to “wait there.”  I had my own suspicions about her, so I followed her.  She went into the deepest, darkest corner of the vegetarian cookbook section (a place rarely visited) and pulled a book.  It didn’t come off the shelf.  Instead, a click resounded and the shelf slid back and to the side, revealing a hidden passageway.  She put her hand up to her ear and talked rather indistinctly to somebody on the other line (some type of earpiece).  The only words I caught were “The Dark Lord is in danger of being discovered.  I’m heading down to the records room to burn it all.”   At this, the woman took off her wig, and…it wasn’t Gloria.  It was…it was…Gloria’s father….kkkkksssshhhh (static) shshsssshhhhh….reaking up…..have to…..ontinue next week….sssshhhhhhhhhh….Monteclaire out.

….kkkkeeeerrrshsssssshhhhhhh…..and that’s the plan so far.  Alright?  Cool.  Okiedokie, so like I said the Etsy page is coming.  I’ll be back Thursday.  Later.


Out sick, But Back with a Vengeance

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Alright you maggots.  I’ve been out for a whole week do to wisdom teeth complications.  Some say getting those out isn’t a big deal, but let me tell you, that was worse then all my years on the run from the authorities as a renegade knight/gay rights activist.  Anywho:

After fighting valiantly, our heroes nevertheless meet their demise within a span of 15 minutes.  But the interesting thing is, the end here, is simply the beginning.  Introducing, Chapter One:

That’s right.  The prologue has ended, and Chapter One: The Incantation of Mayonezu Kuchibiru begins Tuesday. Now, the actual first page has been up on the PREVIEW page for a while, so you’re finally going to get to see what happens next.  And, I have exciting news.  I’m going to open an Etsy page, which is an arts and crafts site to sell things you’ve made.  There happens to be a robust Comics and Zines section.  To tell the truth, I’ve had about twenty zines with the full prologue and part of Chapter 1 printed out for a while.

Now, that’s right, you can have the chance to own a hard copy of the very comic you’ve only read about on the web.  Yes, I know it’s free on the web, but it’s the principle of the thing, you see?  Trust me, selling zines has absolutely nothing to do with making profit.  Making back the printing costs would be more than sufficient.  It’s just getting your comic out into the world and knowing you’ve got some kind of a readership, and in turn, believing that someday you might could get you a publisher or something that makes it worth the extra money and work and heartache.

Anyway, I’ll open that Etsy site within the next week.  I only printed twenty, and I’ve given some to close friends, and I’ll be trading some more with other zine-makers on the site who are willing to do a zine-swap (if you’re one of them, let me know).  So obviously supplies are extremely limited, but if I actually sold out of the remaining ones, of course I’d print more.  BTW, if I get that all up and for sale soon, it will have a good bit of pages that won’t be up on the site for a little while, so we’re talkin’ some premium sneak peeks here.  I was going to post a new excerpt from Gold and Blue and Gay, my autobiography, but I think this post’s long enough.  I’ll save that for tomorrow or next week, depending.  Thanks for reading.  I love you guys so much.

PS.  Monteclaire, why did you change the password to this blog?  I mean, I figured it out, no problem, you’re very predictable.  Methinks you’re planning something diabolical.  M I RITE?