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A Lamp of Brightest Viscosity

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I might coin my role as a sex partner ‘undefined’ at best.  I’m there but I’m not there there.  Some might mistake me for just another morbid pattern in the wallpaper.  Sometimes the wallpaper might even start to peel, while recently-applied glue runs down the wood paneling to the floor.  That’s the cumshot.


Wi-Fi? Part Six

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(I was poised to post a deluge of comic panels in this space here, then realized I don’t have them with me.  So by Monday I’ll post those panels and then the new update Tuesday as well.  Getting closer to the pages I’ve done with the Crow Quill Pen!)

There wasn’t much spoken between us in the bed.  We didn’t really have time to talk.  The passion overtook us in an instant and we were like one spirit joined in a beautiful tangle of legs, arms, and clown noses.  I tried to be the sexual leader and him the follower, but something about those piercing eyes with the little clown make-up tears beneath them had me weak in the knees and I submitted to his dominant will.  It was a perfect session of lovemaking.  Just the right amount of rough and sweet.  A butt-slap and nipple-twist here followed closely by a soft caress or kiss there.  The passion and energy kept increasing, bit by bit.  I could barely contain myself as we both neared the inevitable climax in a deluge of cum and ecstasy.  His moans got faster, my breaths got quicker.  As I reached the point of absolute bliss I looked up just in time to catch his O-face.

Excerpt, Gold and Blue and Gay: Chapter 23