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A Lamp of Brightest Viscosity

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I might coin my role as a sex partner ‘undefined’ at best.  I’m there but I’m not there there.  Some might mistake me for just another morbid pattern in the wallpaper.  Sometimes the wallpaper might even start to peel, while recently-applied glue runs down the wood paneling to the floor.  That’s the cumshot.


‘Unicorns’ Update

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Islam interview:


I was pretty nervous going into this one.  Not for whom I was interviewing.  He’s a really cool, laid back dude.  I had just built this interview up in my mind quite a bit.  Some back-story for new readers: I’m researching and interviewing for a documentary graphic novel about religion in Spartanburg.  It’s split into Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Wicca.  Two months for each religion, give or take.  I’ve done the interviews for Wicca (though I’m hoping for some more developments in that area) and Saturday got the first one done for Islam.

The Islam interview has been gestating for some time.  I was a tad nervous about asking for it, because he’s the perfect dude for the job, and if he said no then I’d be back to square one.  But he didn’t.  And the interview went well!

I emailed him earlier this month asking for then interview.  Now, this guy’s a doctor and extremely busy (my age, by the way.  Makes me wonder what the hell I’m doing with my life) but said he had most weekends off this month.  So of course, this interview being important and me knowing the time was limited, I waited until the last possible second.  This past Friday.  Luckily he agreed to meet with me the next day.

I have nearly finished the “Complete Idiot’s Guide to Understanding Islam” but hadn’t read through the history of Islam yet.  I thought that subject might come up so I took the day off work and headed to the West side Library to read “Islam: A Short History” by Karen Armstrong (pretty good book).  After staying up half the night finishing it I typed up some questions and plugged the tape recorder’s rechargeable batteries in the wall (my normal interview routine).

We met at the Fuji at Westgate behind Hooters.  I don’t want to get into detailed information about the actual questions and answers.  Here’s some fun tidbits though.  When asked what my own religious affiliation was, I said I didn’t have one.  Now that’s not really a lie, since I don’t have a religious affiliation as an atheist.  I did feel bad when we got on the subject of atheism and he didn’t know I fell in that camp.  The reason I left that detail out is I wanted to save it for part 2.  This interview was more about his personal experiences growing up in the South as a Muslim.  Not so much about dogma and philosophies.  I have some pretty good questions concerning Islam and Atheism.  But I want to talk about them in the context of Islam’s beliefs and culture, more than his own personal opinion about it (because I’m fairly certain it would be the same as  a devoted Christian’s opinion).

Also I wanted to tread lightly because I knew there had to be at least one more get together with him.  Next time I won’t be as worried about whether or not he’ll want to talk to me again.  That sounds harsh, but in my opinion that’s the way you have to approach this.  Hmm, I wonder if there’s any chance he can find this article.  I think I have my website displayed at the bottom of my email.  I link to here from there.  Ah well, here’s hoping I haven’t written anything especially offensive.

Oh, and I heard some great stories and opinions about what it’s like being a doctor.  I honestly don’t know if he knew the tape recorder was on when he was complaining about patients.  It was though.  I’ve currently heard from two practitioners of medicine that the television show “Scrubs” is by far the most accurate portrayal of what working in a hospital is like.  If you’re a fan, that statement should fill you with nothing less than giddy glee.

All in all he was incredibly kind and humoring.  He told me some fantastic stories and gave me great insights and was indeed exactly who I was looking for.  Oh and he paid for lunch.

Islam IsLAME. Just Kidding!1!

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Well I made it back from the mosque alive.  I’ve been there before so that was really to be expected.  And man.  It could not have gone better.  Like literally, I can’t think of one thing that could have gone better.  To anyone just joining us I’m making a docu mentary with Kyle and Nathan about religion in Spartanburg.  I was really hoping to get expert feedback and help from a Muslim and was a bit worried they wouldn’t want to give the time to a bunch of idiots who don’t know what they’re doing (referring to myself and Kyle and Nathan).

But once again I underestimated the incredible niceness and accommodatingness they keep showing us.  Plus they’re all doctors for fuck’s sake.  One guy gave me his email and phone number, told me to contact him any time for help and advice and guidance with the vast amount of research I have to do.  This dude not only looks to be around my age but he’s a doctor too. Really, a doctor my age just makes me feel like a lazy asshole who can’t find the time to draw one comic page a day.

Anyway.  Like I said before the reason no comic panels accompany this post is because hell week starts Monday and I’m gearing up for it by being lazy and unproductive this week.  But really, next week one entire comic page a day Monday through Friday from “Gold and Blue and Gray” (here’s the link if you haven’t read it yet).

Working for the Man

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You may have noticed my noticeable absence this week.  Well.  My bad.  But.  I’m gearing up for next week.  Sorry for not telling you.  Next week, the plan is…no, no the plan.  What WILL HAPPEN is I will post an entire page (that is to say 4 lines of 3 panels) every week day.  This is what I will call Hell Week.  A part of my ongoing battle with procrastination.  So, to recap, one page Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  So five full pages which I’ll be doing each day (so you know, that means getting up early each day and working about 6 to 8 hours, depending on the level of detail.  I’ll probably be able to work faster after more practice with the crow quill pen, but I digress).

More news on the mosque front.  I’ll be heading there with Nathan and Kyle Friday to ask the dude and any other person interested if they’ll assist simply by looking over our notes for mistakes and input.  This will be an important first step (I really don’t see how they could say no, wanting their religion properly represented and all.  I guess mainly if they’re all really busy and don’t think us three douchebags are worth the effort.  They struck me as much nicer than that so maybe they’ll humor us.  God I hope they humor us.) So I’ll let you know how that goes.

The only other thing documentary-wise was my feeble attempts at learning to edit video.  It’s not going great.  The main problem at this point is the fact that the camera we use (yes, one camera) records mpeg video.  The better free video editing stuff needs it to be avi.  So I got a program to convert it, but it’s turning out to be even more complicated.  Anyway.

Again sorry for not filling you in sooner on the whole hell week thing.  I do procrastinate though.  I think the lack of a tangible deadline is also a problem.  So yes, I need to get up at like 6 AM or something every day next week and get to work immediately, break for lunch and walking dog, and continue until work.  If, by some crazy happenstance I don’t get the thing posted before work, rest assured it will be posted before I go to sleep.  Whether that means before 12:00 AM or after which will technically be the next day, I can’t say.  But all my efforts will go towards getting them up before work to avoid all that and get enough sleep.

Monteclaire, where are you?

Back on Track

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Gold and Blue and Gray

Just four pages left in Chapter one.  It’s reaching the FINALE!  Shit’s getting real.  Soon it will all make sense a little.

I gave some feedback to an author on Etsy about their new shop.  If you’re a lady looking for some, as they called it, “Vanilla Erotica,” (which is referring to the very soft core nature, not in any way related to race which I just noticed it could be interpreted that way) set in historical settings, then head over there.

I’ve figured out what seems to me like a less threatening way to approach the mosque about interviews for the documentary.  It seems to me if we begin by asking if they’d like to take a Muslim expert sort of role and review information we’ve acquired about the history of and workings of their religion, they’d be much more keen to do it.  The way I see it is that asking immediately for an interview might make some people feel the filmmaker wants a “GOTCHA!” moment, you know, to outsmart them.  And asking for information and feedback just seems like we want their help and care about what they have to say.  Which we do!  Don’t get me wrong.  I would in fact love for some expert opinions.  It’s mainly the interviews on camera I want, though, and this seems a much more likely route to get them.

So I am being a manipulative prick.  But I’m trying to be a tactful one where nobody’s feelings are hurt, at least not until we’ve all signed the forms and the cameras are rolling.  Then it’d probably be more interesting if somebody’s feelings were hurt.

Tattooing Allah and “Wi-Fi?” Part 7

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I had stopped lying to myself and finally admitted, after a week with the manly clown, that I was truly in love.  Whether he felt the same or not I never knew.  I still don’t to this day.  What I do know and soon found out back then was that our love was not meant to be.  Because at the end of that seventh blissful day (the majority of which we spent clubbing at the local gay club/clown disco) he fell apart.  At first I thought he was falling apart emotionally because he fell to the ground face first making what seemed to be sobbing noises.  Then his head rolled away and his arms toppled off to the sides and so on.  You could color me confused at this point.  That’s when the main clown who had talked to me at the football field some time ago (when I was initially kidnapped by the clowns, you see) stepped out of the darkness.

“Well well,” he chuckled, “It seems you two have been up to some shenanigans, eh?”

“What have you done to him?!” I yelled in a rage that could only come about through love.

“He’s a sperm jacker,” he said casually.

“A sperm jack…you mean to tell me that this sexy clown is actually a carefully constructed robot/cyborg made specifically for the purpose of seducing me so as to collect my semen in the hopes of soon freezing it to be used later at someone’s discretion, that person usually being the one who built or at least ordered someone to build said sperm jacker?” I said.

“A bit oversimplified, but yes, that’s basically it…” He sneered.

-Excerpt, Gold and Blue and Gay: Chapter 23

The tattoo parlor thing went off without a hitch.  We became in trouble when Kyle was caught filming the tattoo examples on display all over the waiting room (probably thinking we’re there to steal ideas or something) but after that it was all good.  Basically Nathan got Allah in Arabic tattooed on his arm.  Kyle asked him if it was a good idea since if he eventually decided not to be Muslim he might not want it on his arm.  Nathan explained that Allah is just another name for the same God so it wouldn’t make a difference.  I guess it might if he eventually became an atheist.  Not that I’m trying to convince him to be or anything.

Details of my Mosque Trip Pt 3

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And there’s the second part of the first page on which I’ve used a crow quill pen.  I think there’s already a bit of improvement.  To be perfectly honest I did this page (1 page is 12 panels, or 4 rows, by the way) three times.  I just photoshoppingly ripped the best panels from all three pages and put them together.  But I swear I’ve done three pages since this one and I haven’t had to resort to that again.  Only a bit more to go before the end of Chapter 1.  I’m excited about it.  It’s going to switch between these three points of view already established (Dani, Kyle, and Murphy) and get faster and more intense until it all culminates with…well, you’ll see…

FUN FACT: That panel where Kyle’s going “Ugh” was done with a Hunt 102 pen nib, which gives a much larger line width variance.  It works incredibly well for drawing larger pictures (and works well for close-ups like this) but is really hard to work with drawing very small.  So Hunt 107 or 108 for smaller drawings, Hunt 102 for larger.

All in all Nathan, Kyle, and I hung around and talked there for about 1 and 1/2 hours.  I kept wanting to ask them about being in the documentary so bad because they kept asking “any more questions?  Any more?!”  But the problem was that that was my first time there, and Nathan’s second.  If, after two trips, we started telling them about this documentary idea we had of which they would be an integral part, well I’m pretty sure they’d imagine that that was the only real reason we were there.  First off, that wouldn’t be fair to Nathan because he is actually interested in the Muslim faith.  Secondly, they would be absolutely right in Kyle’s and my case so I don’t really have a second point.

But that interview really would be an integral part.  So I’m making all these plans like “Okay Nathan, you go the next few Fridays and then I’ll come again when we’re ready to ask.”  See my plan is to kind of act like we just had the idea.  And also to leave out certain details such as following Nathan’s journey of finding a new religion (they might find that filming it would trivialize it and them) and the fact that Kyle and I are atheists who will be attempting to summon demons on film.  So when I’m honest with myself I realize that I am being quite manipulative and dishonest to people who are very, very nice to me.

But Goddamn it I think this could be a neat little project so I’ll continue doing so and try to spare feelings and not trivialize old and widely-accepted faiths though I will probably be doing the opposite of those things.