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Shattered Promises

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Since I’m incapable of keeping up with this blog regularly, I’ll make a deadline I can keep.  Every Friday.  Once a week shouldn’t be too hard.  For your patience, here’s two new from “Gold and Blue and Gray.”  To catch up, here’s the link to the archive if you need it: LINK

After further criticism from my friends at the Penny-Arcade forums, I’ve decided to go back through and switch much of the hand-written dialogue with similar typewriter font that I use in ‘Unicorns.’  The reason is that it’s apparently just too damn hard to read.  I enjoyed the lost feeling the reader might experience, but I do put plenty of effort into the story and would like it recognized, so I’m reluctantly changing it.  These two pages were finished before that decision.

Story and Art Copyright 2010-2011 Kyle Draper


Tattooing Allah and “Wi-Fi?” Part 7

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I had stopped lying to myself and finally admitted, after a week with the manly clown, that I was truly in love.  Whether he felt the same or not I never knew.  I still don’t to this day.  What I do know and soon found out back then was that our love was not meant to be.  Because at the end of that seventh blissful day (the majority of which we spent clubbing at the local gay club/clown disco) he fell apart.  At first I thought he was falling apart emotionally because he fell to the ground face first making what seemed to be sobbing noises.  Then his head rolled away and his arms toppled off to the sides and so on.  You could color me confused at this point.  That’s when the main clown who had talked to me at the football field some time ago (when I was initially kidnapped by the clowns, you see) stepped out of the darkness.

“Well well,” he chuckled, “It seems you two have been up to some shenanigans, eh?”

“What have you done to him?!” I yelled in a rage that could only come about through love.

“He’s a sperm jacker,” he said casually.

“A sperm jack…you mean to tell me that this sexy clown is actually a carefully constructed robot/cyborg made specifically for the purpose of seducing me so as to collect my semen in the hopes of soon freezing it to be used later at someone’s discretion, that person usually being the one who built or at least ordered someone to build said sperm jacker?” I said.

“A bit oversimplified, but yes, that’s basically it…” He sneered.

-Excerpt, Gold and Blue and Gay: Chapter 23

The tattoo parlor thing went off without a hitch.  We became in trouble when Kyle was caught filming the tattoo examples on display all over the waiting room (probably thinking we’re there to steal ideas or something) but after that it was all good.  Basically Nathan got Allah in Arabic tattooed on his arm.  Kyle asked him if it was a good idea since if he eventually decided not to be Muslim he might not want it on his arm.  Nathan explained that Allah is just another name for the same God so it wouldn’t make a difference.  I guess it might if he eventually became an atheist.  Not that I’m trying to convince him to be or anything.

Lexx’s Toilet Tongue

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I’ve had that last scene in the final three panels there in my head for a long time.  Good to finally get it out.  The idea was ripped straight from “Lexx,” by the way.

The cover to “Tonoharu Pt II” was shown by Lars Martinson at his website  It looks neat:

Pet peeve #23: books with shitty covers.  See, the one just above is great.  Well designed, eye-catching, very muted and serene.  Goes perfectly with the tone of the story.  But how terrible is it when there’s a perfectly good book on the shelf with a half-assed cover?  I just think of the person who spent probably multiple years writing this book/drawing this comic and then they give it a bland or crappy, bunch of images and lines and bad color combination cover into which obviously no thought was put.  I’ve got the design for the back cover for “Gold and Blue and Gray” drawn already, I’ve got the front cover design thought out, and the covers of several comics I plan on making eventually.

It is unfortunate that a bad cover can cause a person to overlook a possibly great book and some shitty books have fantastic covers.  But I just can’t imagine someone, after all the work it took to make the book, not giving a shit about how said book is presented to the world.  I didn’t have time to do the next “Gold and Blue and Gay” entry so instead I just ranted on book covers.

Wi-Fi? Part One

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There was a small amount of resentment on my parents’ part when I graduated from high school.  My father never did and my mother was an anarchist who didn’t believe in the institution of school.  She had graduated, though.  On my way off the football field after the ceremony was over a traveling salesman called me over to where he was standing against the fence.  I was a bit nervous because he was pretty sexy and he had on quite the striking suit.  Me being a horny college-age kid I immediately started with the flirting.  He seemed taken aback at my aggressiveness.  He put his hands up to stop me and said

“Look, Gloria, I don’t know how to tell you this.  I’m not a salesman.  This is a disguise.  I’m actually a clown working for the U.S. government.”

I paused, then began slowly backing away.

“You can’t run forever, kid.  Just give up.”

I bolted toward the other end of the field and stopped dead when I saw a gaggle of clowns mounting and jumping the fence of the football field from all directions.  They had finally found me.   The salesman began laughing and took off his neatly parted brown wig, revealing a poofy red afro.  The skin tone melted off his face and his white and purple clown makeup was revealed.  A grotesque smile spread across his face.  He turned to the nearest other clown and said “get the car.”  Sure enough a tiny Volkswagon sped onto the field ready to pick all 26 of us up and take us underground.

I looked down and saw a lone football lying next to my feet.  Looking into the salesman/clown’s fiery red nose, I knew what I had to do…

excerpt: Gold and Blue and Gay, Chapter 23

I’m going to do a double update Friday.  So look forward to that.

Double Update (because I’m late)

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First off

Fantastic Benefits

And secondly

Gold and Blue and Gray

There are only so many hours in the day.  Speaking of hours in the day, I was asked by a coworker when “Gold and Blue and Gay” was finally going to be published.  It just so happens that I’m meeting with a publisher later this evening over a candlelit dinner for two.  Oh, if you’re a new reader, Gold and Blue and Gay was an autobiography I wrote some years ago.  Not to be confused with Gold and Blue and Gray, which is the comic I updated directly above.  Got it?

Anyway, you may be asking why I and a publisher will be romantically dining while discussing my book.  I’ve always lived by the phrase,

If you want to get to the top, you’ve got to fuck your way there.  And always pull out.”

That was the last advice my mother gave me  before she joined that cult.  I haven’t heard from her in awhile.  It’s not a bad cult.  It’s more like a grammar cult.  Like for example when I use way to many commas, (which, I do often), then I receive odd trinkets in the mail meant to symbolize following the true path of proper English.  Anyway, once I’ve sealed the deal, by that I mean fucked his brains out, I’m pretty sure the publishing thing is in the bag.  Call me over-confident.  I’ll let you know how it turns out, but I’m pretty sure, there’ll be a book signing, coming, near you, guys soon.

Hmm…There seems to be a melted carburetor in my inbox.  Good old ma.

(I had no idea how to spell carburetor.  Just trial and error until I didn’t get the red underline)

Bad-Ass Orgasm

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Thirty years of wandering in the desert, and my work was finally about to pay off.  Not only were the people of the town grateful, but they had offered me the chance to become their king.  I reluctantly accepted.  Was it wrong of me?  Well…yes, absolutely it was completely wrong.  I mean, it’s not like I had actually done anything remotely close to deserving that.  But I was in a greedy mood. Little did  they know, that immediately after becoming king of the town, they would all become enslaved to the neighboring city.  I got a moped out of the deal.  It really isn’t as bad as it sounds.  Well I guess it is, but considering all the drugs I had taken a few hours prior I’m just glad I didn’t rape anybody.

Excerpt, Ch. 46: Gold and Blue and Gay

Funny Story

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The rage consumed me.  The rage I knew I had inherited from my father.  He would always throw his plate of spaghetti against the wall and shout “My kingdom for a decent dish of pasta!” Dreadful rage.  The wind was cool on my naked body, my feet holding me firm to the marble dome of the city council building.  The townspeople huddled below me on the ground,  cowering at the sight of my massive erection, silhouetted against the blazing red sky.  And they cried out with one gigantic voice, “You have convinced us, Gloria.  McDonald’s will serve breakfast until 11:00 AM instead of 10:00.  Now for GOD’S SAKE put some pants on!”

-Excerpt, Ch. 21: Gold and Blue and Gay

I think…I think… the fact that the very middle of the zine (where the staples reside) consisted of this page, and so a passerby would most likely see these panels first…that may…may…have hurt my sales a bit.

Gold and Blue and Gray

Not to apologize in any way for the content, because it completely makes sense (in my head) with the story and goes with the tone.  But…let’s see, the fact that with a comic you can turn to any page and possibly see violence or sex out of context, that may dissuade some folks from a purchase.  That’s unfortunate, considering that context is everything.  Most would think “Clockwork Orange” was a smut film or something if you just watched the rape scenes.  Anyway.

I finished the “Fantastic Benefits” update (which isn’t updated yet, it will be Monday) so you can rest assured it will actually be done.  Oh!  I finally go the Etsy thing up and running.  I did it like 20 minutes ago, so the zine for sale may not post on there for 24 hours, but you can see the shop.  Not much to it really:


So I must repeat.  The zine contains quite a bit more than is currently on the website (the panels above are about halfway through). Not that I’m pacing this site that slow, I just drew like gangbusters to get enough pages for the zine over the past 2 weeks.  So if you’re all for supporting a supposed artist, do me a huge favor and buy one.  My ultimate plan is to get a readership that I can point out to publishers and say “See?  People like it!” The zine is $2 plus $1 shipping.  So $3.  Not bad atall.