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Shattered Promises

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Since I’m incapable of keeping up with this blog regularly, I’ll make a deadline I can keep.  Every Friday.  Once a week shouldn’t be too hard.  For your patience, here’s two new from “Gold and Blue and Gray.”  To catch up, here’s the link to the archive if you need it: LINK

After further criticism from my friends at the Penny-Arcade forums, I’ve decided to go back through and switch much of the hand-written dialogue with similar typewriter font that I use in ‘Unicorns.’  The reason is that it’s apparently just too damn hard to read.  I enjoyed the lost feeling the reader might experience, but I do put plenty of effort into the story and would like it recognized, so I’m reluctantly changing it.  These two pages were finished before that decision.

Story and Art Copyright 2010-2011 Kyle Draper


GBG: The dirtiest page yet?

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When is the proper time to flex for a lover?  Is it before sex?  During?  Would they even notice?  I asked my mother once.  She just stood there.  Then she flexed before kicking my ass in ‘Dr. Mario.’

The world may never know.


Story and Art Copyright 2010-2011 Kyle Draper


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Yes, soon the old version will be long gone.  Just for funzies:

Story and Art Copyright 2010-2011 Kyle Draper

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So I guess back to the normal schedule for this week.  Nah really just that I’ll have the title page up Tuesday.  Had to restart several times.

Met up with Christopher George from about being involved with the site.  To sum up,, which is a site for progressive voices in Spartanburg, South Carolina, is shutting down.  Chris was a large contributor and ran the site at times and has opted to start his own site for pretty much the same purpose.  Starting next Monday I’ll be posting comics regularly on the site.  Since I’m going back and redoing much of Chapter 1 of Gold and Blue and Gray this seems the perfect opportunity.  It’ll give me solid deadlines and more reason to go ahead and begin redoing it all.

One large concern I have is of course the very strange controversial nature of this comic to viewers of the site.  Not concern with reactions necessarily, but it is kind of important that at least some people find this stuff interesting.  But I digress.  My p0int is that I’m also taking this deadline opportunity to begin work on the zine I planned on doing in Savannah (I’m moving to Savannah eventually, did I mention that?).  There will be more opportunity to like this one since it will have many different comics and stories.  With Gold and Blue and Gray it’s kind of like “Well, I don’t like this” so you never read it any more.  You know, since it’s the same story ongoing.  But with a zine with many stories than there will be more reason to check it weekly,even if there was something in there you didn’t like!  Eh?

Of course I’ll post these things on this site as well.  And you know what that means! A NEW CIRCLE OF HELL WILL BE ADDED!  YAY! (Click here if you don’t know what I’m talking about.)

Islam IsLAME. Just Kidding!1!

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Well I made it back from the mosque alive.  I’ve been there before so that was really to be expected.  And man.  It could not have gone better.  Like literally, I can’t think of one thing that could have gone better.  To anyone just joining us I’m making a docu mentary with Kyle and Nathan about religion in Spartanburg.  I was really hoping to get expert feedback and help from a Muslim and was a bit worried they wouldn’t want to give the time to a bunch of idiots who don’t know what they’re doing (referring to myself and Kyle and Nathan).

But once again I underestimated the incredible niceness and accommodatingness they keep showing us.  Plus they’re all doctors for fuck’s sake.  One guy gave me his email and phone number, told me to contact him any time for help and advice and guidance with the vast amount of research I have to do.  This dude not only looks to be around my age but he’s a doctor too. Really, a doctor my age just makes me feel like a lazy asshole who can’t find the time to draw one comic page a day.

Anyway.  Like I said before the reason no comic panels accompany this post is because hell week starts Monday and I’m gearing up for it by being lazy and unproductive this week.  But really, next week one entire comic page a day Monday through Friday from “Gold and Blue and Gray” (here’s the link if you haven’t read it yet).

Working for the Man

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You may have noticed my noticeable absence this week.  Well.  My bad.  But.  I’m gearing up for next week.  Sorry for not telling you.  Next week, the plan is…no, no the plan.  What WILL HAPPEN is I will post an entire page (that is to say 4 lines of 3 panels) every week day.  This is what I will call Hell Week.  A part of my ongoing battle with procrastination.  So, to recap, one page Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  So five full pages which I’ll be doing each day (so you know, that means getting up early each day and working about 6 to 8 hours, depending on the level of detail.  I’ll probably be able to work faster after more practice with the crow quill pen, but I digress).

More news on the mosque front.  I’ll be heading there with Nathan and Kyle Friday to ask the dude and any other person interested if they’ll assist simply by looking over our notes for mistakes and input.  This will be an important first step (I really don’t see how they could say no, wanting their religion properly represented and all.  I guess mainly if they’re all really busy and don’t think us three douchebags are worth the effort.  They struck me as much nicer than that so maybe they’ll humor us.  God I hope they humor us.) So I’ll let you know how that goes.

The only other thing documentary-wise was my feeble attempts at learning to edit video.  It’s not going great.  The main problem at this point is the fact that the camera we use (yes, one camera) records mpeg video.  The better free video editing stuff needs it to be avi.  So I got a program to convert it, but it’s turning out to be even more complicated.  Anyway.

Again sorry for not filling you in sooner on the whole hell week thing.  I do procrastinate though.  I think the lack of a tangible deadline is also a problem.  So yes, I need to get up at like 6 AM or something every day next week and get to work immediately, break for lunch and walking dog, and continue until work.  If, by some crazy happenstance I don’t get the thing posted before work, rest assured it will be posted before I go to sleep.  Whether that means before 12:00 AM or after which will technically be the next day, I can’t say.  But all my efforts will go towards getting them up before work to avoid all that and get enough sleep.

Monteclaire, where are you?